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Regardless of your current motivational outlook, the good news is that shifting your motivation is a skill.

You can learn to master your motivation by shifting to and maintaining an optimal motivation through three actions:

  • Identify your current MO
  • Maintain or shift to an optimal MO
  • Reflect on what’s become clear

  • Learn from our international experts how you can master motivation for yourself, when leading others, or in your coaching practice.


    Judes Donin

    Chief Innovation Officer

    Judes brings her unique perspective to product development and instructional design as both content expert and lauded facilitator. She's also a qualified coach with postgraduate certificate in coaching with over 25 years in learining and development. She is masterful at fostering partnership with international organizations at all levels, demonstrating a breadth of experience that helps her understand the importance of global diversity and cultural awarness.

    Taylor Peyton


    An expert in psychometrically rigorous assessments, Dr. Taylor Peyton ensures that our instruments are empirically sound. Formerly a Leadership Professor at Boston University, her academic research focuses on employees' psychological experience - or inner life - at work.

    Rareș Manolescu


    With over twenty-seven years of international experience, Rareș is a certified coach and trainer sharing an empathetic leadership grounded in his systemic individual and team coaching expertise plus his deep understanding of motivation science, taught to hundreds of leaders and individuals worldwide.

    Susan Fowler

    CEO, bestselling author

    Over the past two decades, Susan has refined the application of motivation science in Fortune 50 companies up to small organizations in almost every industry imaginable around the world.

    Mojo Moments' Spectrum of Motivation® model, learning journeys, and approach to psychological sense are inspired by Susan's bestselling books, translated into 14 languages.

    Digging Deeper Conversation

    7 JUNE 2023


    12:00 PM PT
    3:00 PM ET

    Join this robust discussion to learn more about your What’s Your MO? survey results. Bring provocative questions and motivation challenges—or simply your curiosity!

    Plan to

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Spectrum of Motivation and the six motivational outlooks, relating them to your goal or situation

  • Ask questions and receive answers from motivation and psychological sense experts, Susan Fowler and Dr. Taylor Peyton

  • Explore why the distinctions between suboptimal and optimal motivation matter in real and profound ways to achieve your goals, transform habits, and generate the vitality for thriving and sustaining high performance at the same time
  • How to Master Motivation with Others Conversation

    14 JUNE 2023

    12:00 PM PT
    3:00 PM ET


    Discover how the Spectrum of Motivation® and three foundational leadership capacities to encourage choice, deepen connection, and build competence could transform how you lead.  

    Plan to

  • Challenge traditional leadership competencies that unwittingly erode people’s optimal motivation

  • Discover alternatives to carrot-and-stick motivation

  • Explore how promoting optimal motivation makes it possible ensure a highly-effective workforce that is also flourishing
  • What Coaches Need to Know about Motivation Conversation

    15 JUNE 2023

    12:00 PM PT
    3:00 PM ET


    Join other personal, executive, and business coaches to examine the role motivation science plays in your coaching practice—and in building your coaching business. 

    Plan to

  • Discuss common pain points that coaches experience when building and leading a coaching business

  • Examine how the Spectrum of Motivation® can enhance your current coaching protocol so your client’s intentions to set and achieve goals, find solutions to obstacles, and make progress, are built on a solid foundation of optimal motivation

  • Consider how to leverage motivation science to help build your business
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