What is a Mojo Moment?

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Alexandra Dinu

Alexandra Dinu
Our global channel network is the core of Mojo Moments. And, Alexandra is at the heart of that network. If you’re a channel partner, you’ll work with Alexandra to get onboarded and access all the products, services, and attention necessary to succeed. With over fifteen years in project & people management, EU funds management and consultancy, and developing sustainable and social entrepreneurship at local and international levels, you are in good hands. Her experience in communication & events management also serves Mojo Moments and our partners in her other role as Global Head of Marketing. Alexandra is based in Romania. (EET)
Motto: “We can choose to change ourselves remarkably.”


What are the challenges of building a global brand?

Our brand benefits from a globally-validated approach to leadership. We create learning experiences, instructional designs, tools, books, and marketing messages that are universally relevant. Then, we focus on supporting our channel partners at the local level for maximum impact.

Erez Almogi

Erez Almogi
If you’re curious about becoming a channel or strategic partner with Mojo Moments, you’ll find Erez, our Chief Sales Officer, as interested in building your business as he is in the growth of Mojo Moments. A successful entrepreneur with expertise in business development and building a global organization, Erez has been the CEO and owner of the Center for Business Training and Blanchard Israel Group for almost twenty years. Erez is based in Israel. (IST)
Motto: “F3 – Focus, Fast, Flexible.”


Why do you focus on partnerships?

Our primary go-to-market strategy is through our channel partner network. But we also work collaboratively with organizations to continually improve the application of motivation science. Our focus isn’t on a client-vendor relationship but on partnering with like-minded people and organizations as optimally motivated about motivation as we are.

Mary Evans

Can you relate to the challenges of expanding into new global markets while focusing on your people’s well-being and enabling organizational capacity? If so, you’ll appreciate our Chief Operating Officer’s passion for balancing Mojo Moments’ values-based, purpose-full, optimally motivating approach as she champions our company vision and culture–and keeps our operations on track. As a catalyst for change, Mary brings twenty years of leadership & change experience within entrepreneurial and corporate environments in Canada, the U.K., and the U.S. She is dedicated to Mojo Moments walking our talk as we scale to serve our global partners. Mary is based in Canada. (EST)
Motto: “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.” – Maya Angelou


You’re a young company with grand plans. How are you making them happen?

We’re running fast. But fueled by a vision of awakening hearts and unlocking psychological sense in the world, we are laser-focused on enabling an inclusive culture, nimble structure, and sound practices that work cross-functionally and across geographies. Creating a high-quality work environment is the foundation for fulfilling our global partners’ needs for choice, connection, and competence.

Judes Donin

Judes Donin
Mojo Moments’ learning experiences challenge and stimulate leaders at all levels—regardless of generation, gender, or culture thanks to our Chief Innovation Officer. Judes brings her unique perspective to product development and instructional design as both a content expert and lauded facilitator. She’s also a qualified coach with a postgraduate certificate in coaching with over 25 years in learning and development. She is masterful at fostering partnerships with international organizations at all levels, demonstrating a breadth of experience that helps her understand the importance of global diversity and cultural awareness. Judes is based in the U.K. (UTC)
Motto: “Connect your passion and activate a momentum that makes you unstoppable for the greater good.”


What is Psychological Sense?

We define psychological sense as having the emotional and cognitive ability to fulfill foundational psychological needs and experience optimal motivation, sustained high performance, and thriving. Our learning experiences equip leaders at all levels to unlock psychological sense for themselves and with others.

Rareș Manolescu

Rares Manolescu
Our partners thrive with the visionary leadership of Rares, Co-Founder and Global Head of the Channel Partner Network. Rares brings a potent set of skills including over twenty-seven years as an international trainer, manager, and entrepreneur. His empathetic leadership is grounded in his systemic individual and team coaching expertise plus his deep understanding of motivation science. His intense desire to improve the way our industry approaches the learning process serves the entirety of our partner network—and ultimately, their clients and participants. Rares is based in Romania. (EET)
Motto: “Never give up.”


Why is Mojo Moments creating a global network?

Our robust community is the heart of Mojo Moments. Because our approach to leadership is foundational and universal, it’s relevant in any culture or country. To meet international demands, we’ve built a global partner network of experts fully supported to deliver at the local level.

Nikita Wollerman

Nikita Wollerman
If you’re a strategic partner with Mojo Moments, you’ll find working with Nikita gives you whiplash, in a positive way. As our project manager on key accounts, she combines a high level of organization and attention to detail with strong relationship-building skills. Those qualities made Nikita a successful sales representative, coach, and district manager before coming to Mojo Moments, where she wears at least seven hats. Passionate about helping others become their best selves personally and professionally, Nikita is based in the U.S. (PST)
Motto: “Reaching out and lifting people up is the best exercise for the heart.”


How is Mojo Moments embracing diversity?

We are proactively building a team with cultural, gender, dispositional, racial, and geographical representation. We share the same values, which creates a trusting space for divergent thinking. As the youngest member of the Mojo Moments team, I’m thrilled to share my generational perspective — and learn from others.

Mihai Bocioacă

Mihai Bocioaca
As an electronics & telecommunications engineer who is passionate about anything IT related, we depend on Mihai’s expertise as we focus on hybrid learning experiences supported by digital assets. With more than 20 years of experience with large multinational companies, he’s dedicated to busting this common myth: You might want to be fast, inexpensive, and good, but you can choose only two. He’s helping us create a response to IT that’s quick, cost-effective, and great. Mihai is based in Romania. (EET)
Motto: “Pain is temporary, pride is forever.”


How do you manage communication on a multi-national team?

With six time zones and various cultural norms, Mojo Moments is working around the clock. You can wake up and feel inundated with what happened while sleeping! We focus on integrating key platforms such as Inspire Software and Learnifier with Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook, clarifying what gets communicated — and how.

Marina Gabriela Soare

Marina Gabriela Soare
If you find Mojo Moments’ products and branding fresh and fun, yet credible and practical, thank our Head of Brand Management, Marina. She combines her passion for graphic design, illustration, and visual artistry with her curiosity and ability to stay abreast (or ahead of the wave) of visual trends and digital development. Marina is based in Romania. (EET)
Motto: “We are all a work in progress.”


How does your branding represent Mojo Moments’ values?

A compelling vision of who we are and what we bring to the world supports our branding and my artistic approach: Our learning experiences are research-based, empirically sound, and steeped in good science—but also innovative, fresh, fun, and wildly relevant.

Taylor Peyton

Taylor Peyton
Our approach to training and development is creating products and services that are effective and practical. But thanks to Dr. Taylor Peyton, we don’t stop there. She is an expert in psychometrically rigorous assessments—ensuring that our instruments are empirically sound. Formerly a Leadership Professor at Boston University, her academic research focuses on employees’ psychological experiences—or inner life—at work. As president of Mojo Moments, Taylor ensures our company meets rigorous standards while staying fun, fresh, and innovative. Taylor is based in the U.S. (PST and EST)
Motto: “Cherish the moment, and radiate love.”


Your work is empirically sound. Why is that significant?

Motivation science is the core of our approach to leadership because motivation is foundational to everything people do. Optimal motivation is essential to workplace effectiveness and well-being. We provide proven alternatives to outdated traditional beliefs and practices, so people benefit from applying good science.

Susan Fowler

Susan Fowler
Over the past two decades, Susan has refined the application of motivation science in Fortune 50 companies to small organizations in almost every industry imaginable around the world. Mojo Moments’ Spectrum of Motivation model, learning journeys, and approach to psychological sense are inspired by Susan’s bestselling books, translated into 14 languages. Susan is most excited about how Mojo Moments’ diverse team supports our partners and equips their clients’ leaders and individuals with the skills to achieve sustainable high performance while flourishing through optimal motivation. Susan is based in the U.S. (PST)
Motto: “I teach what I most need to learn.”


What is a Mojo Moment?

A mojo moment is an epiphany of optimal motivation that promotes high performance and thriving — at the same time.

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